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A sizzle reel with some of the projects I've worked on over the last couple of years, both in animation and VFX.

My primary responsibilities were rigging assets (characters, animals, vehicles and props), writing tools for production and pipeline, and writing scripts to assist artists in completing their shots.


In Order:
  • Tee and Mo
    Role: Lead Technical Director
    I co-designed the entire animation pipeline and asset creation process, based on the lessons learned during Ollie S01. I rigged most of the principle characters and trained juniors in the process of rigging secondary characters and simpler props. I created many of the tools used in the production, as well as many fix scripts to be used for shot correction.
  • Ollie the Boy Who Became What He Ate
    Role: S01 - Senior Technical Director, S02 - Lead Technical Director
    I co-designed the entire animation pipeline and asset creation process. I wrote the majority of the tools used in the production, as well as many fix scripts to be used for shot correction.
  • Bibleman: The Animated Adventures
    Role: Technical Director
    I rigged the majority of the characters, all the vehicles and props, and was responsible for creating fix scripts as needed throughout the production.
  • Terrific Trucks
    Role: Technical Director
    I rigged all assets in the show, as well as designed entire setup pipeline for importing in tracking data from SythEyes, scaling it correctly and getting eye rigs placed in scene where needed. Designed tools to assist animators in speeding up animation, such as adding blinks, and developed FinalToon shaders for billboard sequences.
  • Men of Might: The Warrior King
    Role: Technical Director
    I repaired and rerigged multiple characters after an upgrade in software caused some rigs to stop functioning. I created multiple fix scripts to be batch processed after client made changed after animation was completed.
  • The Expanse
    Role: S01 - Technical Director, S02&03 - Lead Technical Director
    I rigged multiple vehicles and characters for use in VFX shots. I created multiple tools to assist in scene management and preparing assets to be exported into Nuke.
  • Shadowhunters
    Role: Technical Director
    I rigged characters used for scene population and hero characters used in VFX shots.
  • Frankie Drake
    Role: Lead Technical Director
    I rigged the vehicle assets in the scene, as well as developed a tool to assist in scaling the entire scene uniformly after assets were determined to be to large for the shot.
  • The Birds Sing Too Loud
    Role: Lead Technical Director
    I rigged the head asset that was composed over the static doll prop in scene.

00:02 - Ollie - Ollie, the Boy who Became What He Ate

The base rig for Season 01 was codesigned, along with the tools, by Eric Harvey and myself. For Season 02, I overhauled the limbs and system for textures to increase speed and response for the animators. This style of rig allows for 2D style animation inside of Max's 3D environment. It has standard IK/FK snapping, limb bending and pose banking.

00:58 Mo - Tee & Mo

Much like Ollie, this rig and toolset was codesigned by Eric Harvey and myself. Eric left at the beginning of the project, so I maintained and upgraded the rig throughout the season. Like Ollie, this style of rig allows for 2D style animation inside of Max's 3D environment. The system allows for live sculpting in the viewport, so it can be used as both a fake IK and FK system, all at the same time.

01:38 Character 01 - Unrealeased Project

This rig has multiple custom controls and rig styles built in. The arms are stretchy IK with a morpher riding on top to make them disappear. The mouth is rigged using bones, yet the eyes use morphers to get the exact poses the director wants. The spine is a cascading orientation chain with a stretchy bone system riding on top. The robot arms are spline shapes rigged to as much flexibility as possible.

02:12 Character 02 - Unrealeased Project

This rig is your standard 3D character. Legs and arms have IK/FK snap with optional stretch matching. Head has multiple spaces to animate in. There are foot and hand/finger controls for both systems.

02:36 The Goon

Model and Textures by Jamie Boylan

This rig is less cartoony then the previous rigs. It has IK/FK snapping and headspace controls, as well as foot and hand controls in both systems. The IK knee control can be driven by either the hip or the foot position, or blended between the two. There is no stretch for this rig's limbs as that would be out of style for it, but there is a bit of stretch in the IK spine system to allow for certain poses.

02:52 The Crusher Van - Bibleman Animated Adventures

This vehicle rig has two wheel and four wheel turning, as well as drift controls. The wheels have a master rotation controller, as well as their own override controls. The axles and shocks are articulated, and the tires have FFD weight deformation on the bottom. All doors open, and the steering wheel has hand constraints in addition to it's controller.

03:14 Parachute - Bibleman Animated Adventures

This parachute was designed to attach on to the hero vehicle. The system is built using a hierarchy of helpers and constraints. The cords are a stretchy IK system, prestretched before skinning to achieve the reaction required when stretching and collapsing.


00:02 - Attach Point

This tool raycasts from the users point of view onto a selected poly or mesh object, attaching a point constraint when released. It can be mirrored on the X, Y, and Z axis, and does not have to be worldspace zero. It can also add both standard controls for linking off a mesh surface, or "dorito" controls for rigging.

00:20 Shape Up

This tool creates custom spline shapes, usually used in the rigging process. It also allows the user to design their own shapes to be reused in the tool's library.

00:40 The Armoury

This is a custom playblast tool that uses screen grabs to take single shots and sequences, also created the IFL file. The sequences can be either viewed in a RAM player, or sent off via command line to Nuke to build a playblast sequence. I have used this tool as the basis for other playblast tools for specific shows.

01:43 Various Limb Tools

This section showcases a couple of quick limb tools I created to create stretchy IK limbs as well as add twist bones. While basic, it saved me a ton of time when working on a couple of shows when I was the only rigger producing a functional rig every 2 days.

02:13 TweenMachine

This tool was based on the TweenMachine tool I used while in school in Maya. Beyond putting standard weighted keys, in "Overshoot" mode you can create elastic keys based on the values of the two keys it is using.

02:35 Anibake

This tool is used to bake out keys on linked objects that have no keys of their own. It is primarily used in VFX work, but can also be used if needed to isolate something for a render pass.

02:45 VertTrack

After selecting an object as a marker and a vert on a mesh, this tool can key the position of that vert on to the marker object. This tool is often used to create emitter objects for particle effects.

03:02 Aniview

This tool allows you 3 methods of seeing an object (or group) animation path in one frame. After setting the interval to the number of frames between each "snapshot", the small spheres mark of the bounding box of the object in each frame, the geo snapshot shows the actual geo in each frame, and the bounding box shows the overall space the animation takes up. This is good for planning effects work to figure out how large of a container to build, or it can be used when adjusting scene and props to see how it will interact with animated objects in the scene.


You can reach me through this contact form.